data finds new uses for existing drugs


What we do

Purposeful is an in silico drug repurposing company that aims to discover alternative uses for existing drugs. We solve the problem of crippling costs associated with drug development by predicting additional effects of compounds already on the market, thus minimizing the number of experiments necessary to carry out before reaching a promising candidate.

Artificial Intelligence

Uncovering novel relationships in chemical and biological data

Data Analytics

Finding signals in structural data using pre- and post-processing methods


Extrapolating small molecule mechanism of action

Systems Biology

Omics and pathway data processing

Smart Filtering

Target and disease-specific hierarchy and prioritisation

Phenotype Prediction

Linking gene expression and biological effect

Our Team

A thirst to breathe life into our research brought us together.

Complementary expertise and positive team attitude make us stronger.

Dr. George Drakakis

CEO - Cheminformatics and drug discovery

Charalampos Chomenidis

CTO - Software Architect


Dr. Georgia Tsiliki

COO - Statistics, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

Aris Dokoumetzidis

Advisor - Assistant Professor of Pharmacometrics. Consultant for Pharma Industry. Expert at the EMA.


Harry Sarimveis

Advisor - Professor, Mathematical Modelling and Optimisation

Dr. Philip Doganis

Advisor - Chemical Engineer, Modelling

Contact us

56 Ermou St. Athens 10563 Greece